In Canada, there are over 10,000 landfill sites. Businesses are looking for a sustainable solution.  It is also estimated that each Canadian generates about 2.7kg worth of garbage every day. The problem with landfills aren’t just that they are unsightly. They pose a danger in many key areas.

First, many materials that end up as waste contain toxins. Over time, these toxins can leach into groundwater, soil and become hazards to our environment for years to come. This is especially true when it comes to televisions, laptops and other electronics. When discarding these types of items look for local “electronics dumping drives” are scheduled to drop off points for safely discarding electronics. These types of electronics typically contain mercury, arsenic, cadmium, PVC, and solvents. Leachate is the name given the liquid that is made as waste breaks down and water filters through the waste. Leachate is highly toxic and can pollute both the land and groundwater.


Transverto Technologies Inc., is part of the sustainable solution to landfills.

What Transverto Technologies, Inc., is working to combat is the next danger our landfills pose; Greenhouse gases. When organic material such as food waste and grass clippings are put into a landfill it is generally covered and compacted down. This causes the oxygen to be removed and the organic waste to break down in an anaerobic process. Eventually, this process releases methane, which is a greenhouse gas that is 25X more potent than carbon dioxide. Another danger of methane is that it is flammable and it can combust if built up pressure gets too high.

The Transverto Technologies plan is to be part of the solution by diverting this food waste and other organic waste before it even makes it to the landfill. Transverto Technologies then takes this food and organic waste and turns it into fertilizer for the nation’s farmers. This will have a big impact on the sustainability goals of corporations in and around the Saskatchewan area.

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