We have a proven process that will:

  • Destroy pathogens.
  • Not produce bio gases.
  • Convert most by/co-products into liquid fertilizer for the agriculture industry.
  • Reduce about 885.5 kilotons of CO2 per year based on 45,000 tons of organic waste diverted from the landfill.

Five Steps to Reduce – Recycle – Regenerate

  1. Step One

    Scheduled collection of waste from local residence in a green bin and transport to our recycling facility

  2. Step Two

    Sorting organic waste to remove all contaminants and non-organic material according to CCME requirements

  3. Step Three

    Decontamination to remove detrimental microorganisms and kill all living cells such as fruit seed cells

  4. Step Four

    Testing for water, oxygen saturation, nutrient density and CO2 evolution

  5. Step Five

    Customized biochemistry improvements of the compost to make a super-prill