Is your company interested in becoming part of a sustainable program to divert your food and organic waste from our landfills? Organic waste makes up 1/3 of the waste that is put into our landfills each year and greatly contributes to increasing greenhouse gases in our environment. That is why Transverto Technology Inc. is seeking to be a part of the solution to this problem by converting food waste to compost (in-vessel).

Transverto Technology Inc. is currently signing up corporate partners for our launch. We make it easy for your company to participate in this subscription service. Sign up below and we will send you a 6 cubic meter Transverto Bin. Anything that can be served on a table and is edible can be put into the Transverto Bin. We will also provide your company with compostable garbage bags for easy garbage collection. You will need to separate wood, cans and other non-food items from going into the Transverto Bin.

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Start Date: Summer 2020

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