Transverto Technologies Inc.

It is estimated that organic materials such as plant wastes, grass clippings and food wastes make up over 30-40% of the municipal solid waste stream in communities across Canada. Sending organic materials to the landfills and their subsequent bio-degradation over time contributes to polluting the environment via odor and gas emissions. There is also the accumulation of methane gas in the atmosphere around the landfill that poses a potential explosion hazard which can lead to immeasurable losses. As our local population continues to grow, so will waste and subsequent pressure on nearby landfills.

As the world embraces the paradigm shift towards greener innovations, Transverto Technologies Inc. is positioned to provide a solution that will reliably reduce, recycle and regenerate waste and its by-products into products that can be re-used in various industries starting with the agricultural industry in Canada.

Driving this business is a proprietary process that will reduce landfill costs, capture bio-gases, recycle waste and produce value-added products designed to regenerate soil nutrients for ANY crop growing operation which adds more value to soil health and Crop health. The result is a nutrient dense food, via eco-friendly and sustainable compost fertilizer for the agricultural industry. Transverto Technologies Inc. is located in Saskatchewan, Canada and structured with owners that have wealth of experience in Agriculture, Biochemistry, Marketing & Sales and deep roots in their communities.

We aim to provide innovative solutions to find a better home for waste starting with food and plant related waste products from business and residence of Saskatchewan by processing and reincorporating these wastes as a value-added fertilizer formulations for regenerative Agriculture in Saskatchewan and in Canada.


To deliver innovative ideas that will reduce environmentally negative footprints while nurturing the environment for future generations.


Reduce waste and be part of the solution to regenerative Agriculture.