As reported by Kris Huynh, BBA Research Officer and Intern, Regina, here are the 2019 sustainable food and drink trends. Original report release date: January, 2019

As a leading agency of market intelligence, Mintel has historically produced market trends on everything from consumer trends on beauty to automobiles.  In 2019, Mintel produced a Global Food  and Drink Trends and it denotes a few global trends that are as relevant to Saskatchewan as they are to other parts of Canada and North America.  The study found other factors, but this one came out on top and was far more important to consumers than the other two trends they highlighted.

  • Sustainable consumption and overall focus on the entire product life cycle

Sustainability is increasingly becoming important to consumers of all ages. This has long been a pillar of companies and their values, but in recent years has grown to one of the most important factors that consumers cite in wanting to do business with a certain company.  This is especially true of younger consumers in the Millennial and Generation Z age groups. Sustainable products, manufacturing and taking sustainability through the entire life cycle is increasingly paramount to consumers.  This begins with sustainable sourcing and continues through production, distribution and completely through consumption and disposal. At Transverto Technologies, Inc., we are proud to be a part of this sustainable solution in Saskatchewan.

Another trend that Transverto Technologies, Inc., is ahead of the curve on is sustainable farming practices.  With our Compost Prill product, we are benefitting area farmers as well as the environment.  This is another factor that Mintel mentioned in their report. They found that Saskatchewan agriculture producers are adopting more and more sustainable farming practices. These, like Transverto Technologies, Inc., manufacture products that are designed to improve soil health and improve crop outcomes while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We will continue to seek out and report on studies that highlight the great sustainable work products and services that Transverto Technologies, Inc., is doing in Saskatchewan in 2019.