The Transverto Technology, Inc., business model is in line with Canada’s systematic focus on the management of food waste and the impact that it has on the landfill ecosystem. Through our sustainable management of food through the entire ecosystem we are holding true to our moniker of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  This approach fully recognizes Canada’s drive to reduce the amount of food we waste as well as discovering innovative ways to deal with that organic waste once it is discarded.

Transverto Technology, Inc., through our innovative technology, diverts landfill organic waste and turns it into nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used to grow crops for Canadian farmers.


Where does Food Waste come from?

Really, this is any food that was not used for it’s intended purpose.   Unless it can be donated to feed people, or made into animal feed, it will typically end up in a landfill. Examples of this can be unsold food from grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail stores, uneaten prepared food, kitchen trimmings from restaurants and cafeterias, plate waste as well as by products from food processing facilities.  This is typically described as any food that is no longer edible and therefore must be termed as “waste”.

A couple of food waste terms and what they mean:

Excess food This term typically means food that is donated to feed people.

Food loss – This typically means crops that are not harvested.


Why is Transverto Technology, Inc., focused on food sustainability

Food waste is a very big problem in Canada.  Tons of food waste is generated each year, and 1/3 of our landfills are filled with that food waste.  Companies continue to increase their sustainability goals and practices.


Save Money on your Corporate Organic Waste Solution:

Transverto Technology Inc., is offering an alternative to your current food & organic waste removal solution.  We are now offering Transverto Technology, Inc., bins that will likely save you 15% on your food waste fee.  To find out more.