As custodians of our land, we seek a better way to optimize the productivity of the land we have been given dominion over for improved ROI and for future generations. Transverto Technologies Inc. through its food waste recycling facility has perfected the pelletization of a low salt index fertilizer “soil Boost plus” which will be a game changer for regenerative Ag. The benefits of our customized soil Boost plus Fertilizer includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Customized pelletized compost fertilizers with formulations created by on staff biochemists with a combined 35 years experience to be part of the solution to Regenerative Ag.
  • The analysis of our customized compost formulation are grower specific/inspired using their soil test report as a guide and in line with the biochemical sequence of crop nutrients absorption and mineral charge balancing.


  • Guarantee analysis of every batch using ICP-OES.
  • Low salt index homogeneous prill using low salt ingredients; calculated amounts of Nutrients (Macro and Micro nutrients) in their chelated form.
  • It could be a Single prill or double prill (blended together) depending of the analysis of the formulation.
  • It can be applied in the fall using broadcasters and in the spring using air seeders.
  • Compost fertilizers releases its nutrients overtime as they break down thereby encouraging the availability of minerals in the soil. Since they are the ultimate slow-release fertilizers, it’s very difficult to over fertilize/harm your plants or the soil thus, it’s seed safe.
  • There’s little to no risk of toxic buildups of chemicals and salts that can be detrimental to the soils microbiome and the soils health.
  • Aerate soil; They improve the soils structure and increase its ability to hold water and retain moisture.
  • Formulated to reduce chemically induces soil compaction by displacing sodium.
  • They provide a renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly form of fertilizer.
  • Over time, they will make the soil biochemically balanced which leads crop health. A health crop can better withstand environmental stress,pests and diseases.
  • Promote and maintain the population of beneficial microbe growth within soil which overtime leads to the control of some soil borne disease, efficient nutrient uptake and a balanced fungi to bacteria ratio
  • Could be critical in Improving the conditions that supports earthworms to soil, with its own unique benefits.


What Is The Ideal Application For Soil Boost?

For regenerative Ag and soil, both would have maximum benefit if it’s applied in the fall and in the spring.

Fall application: Broadcasted up to 400lb/ac depending on the desired formulation

Spring application: With the seed, mid-row or side banded. App rate depends on the desired formulation.


What Can Be Added?

Calculated amounts of Macro and Micronutrients can be incorporated into a prill.


Customer requirements:

  • Currently fall broadcasting fertilizers as part of their approach for crop production.
  • Currently aware/willing to explore the benefits of low input farming/regenerative Ag.
  • Progressive and motivated to take care of their soils health.